Modern City Of Industry


The opening of the city of Shah Alam became a benchmark for the forming of the new towns within and outside the country. This is because Shah Alam is a well-planned modern city. It is also the first city to use a centralized sewerage system and underground utility cables, making it free from unsightly street lamp and telephone cables that are the norm in older towns. 

Shah Alam is also known as an industrial city with modern infrastructure and strategic location, being only 25 km away from Port Klang and Subang Airport, the former international airport before the opening of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang. These factors make Shah Alam the choice for thousands of multi-national factories that operate to produce goods for the international market. 

Shah Alam is also known as the industrial town with modern infrastructure and a strategic location which is near 25 km from Port Klang and Subang airport, which is the international airport before the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang is opened. These factors make Shah Alam as a selection of thousands of multi-national factory operating manufacture of products for the international market.

In 1983, five years after its declaration as the state capital, the company producing the country's first national car, PROTON, opened its headquarters, factory and distribution centre in Shah Alam. Shah Alam became the birthplace of Proton's first model, SAGA on 9 July 1985. The existence of the Proton factory in Shah Alam indirectly brought the city's name onto the world stage. Many visitors from home and abroad visited Shah Alam to study the development it has achieved and the facilities provided.

This scenario makes Shah Alam the focus of the migration of people from all over Malaysia to seek employment and to make a home in Shah Alam. It is obvious that the opening of Shah Alam 47 years ago was a step in the right direction and it gave new hope to Malaysians as a whole. 

The city has now caught the attention of many. Unlike in the past when Shah Alam was mainly inhabited by industrial workers and students of ITM (now UiTM), to the point that it was jokingly said that there were more Japanese (because of the big number of Japanese factories operating in Shah Alam) than local people at the time, the situation is much different now. Hard-working and forward-looking Malaysians quickly took over with the development of corporate offices, supermarkets, trade, housing estates and so on, making Shah Alam an increasingly comfortable and colourful community.

With a population of over 600,000 and a total of 177,923 property held up to October 2010, Shah Alam will continue to have a place in the hearts of its inhabitants because of its unique architecture, and the beautiful and lush scenery which will be maintained continuously. Come Residents of Shah Alam! Show your love by keeping the city clean and green so that it will stay the city of choice for generations to come.​

Modern Industrial City