Section Themes In Shah Alam

​Shah Alam Theme Section

Each section in Shah Alam is given a theme and the name of each street symbolizes the identity of Shah Alam as a modern city that still maintains its the local identity. 

The following is the list of sections and each theme:​

Section 1: (Universiti Teknologi Mara) – Education
​Section 2: types of flowers
Section 3: types of trees
​Section 4: types of fruits
​Section 5: ​(Administrative center) – administration
​Section 6: ​types of birds
Section 7: types of gems and minerals
Section 8: ​landform
Section 9: Sultanate of Selangor
​Section 10: types of clothing
Section 11: culture and arts
Section 12: government genealogical Malay ago
Section 13: (Shah Alam Stadium) Sports
​​Section 14: (City Centre) with the theme of corporate areas
​​Section 15: hand tools
Section 16: tin mining
Section 17: types of fish
Section 18: plants in coastal areas
Section 19: types of jobs in coastal areas
Section 20: types of animals
​​Section 21: (Cemetery) – Burial
​​Section 23: enterprise
​​Section 24: vegetables
​​Section 25: (Taman Sri Muda) - good values
​​Section 26: District and names of places in Selangor
​​Section 27 dan 28: (Kota Kemuning) - Official Flower orchid in Shah Alam

​Shah Alam Map

Shah Alam Map
​Section 31 ​(Kota Kemuning) - bunga anggerik sebagai Bunga Rasmi Shah Alam​
​Section 32: ​(Bukit Rimau) - rivers in Selangor
​​Section 33: types of musical instruments
​​Section 34: types of car components
​​Section 35: (Alam Impian) - arts and culture
​​Section U1: (Glenmarie) – career
​​Section U2: (Taman TTDI Jaya) – literature
​​Section U5: universe
​​Section U8: (Bukit Jelutong) - the parts of the house
​​Section U10: islands in Selangor
​​Section U11: (Bukit Bandaraya) - mountains in Selangor