Services Provided


Service Provided​

  1. Reviewing and printing assessment bills. 

  2. Reviewing and printing assessment tax return. 

  3. Updating assessment owner information (form). 

  4. Payment of tax assessment online. 

  5. Application / renewal of licence/ consultation. 

  6. Checking status of license application. 

  7. Payment of license online. 

  8. Checking for compound. 

  9. Payment of compounds online. 

  10. Filing complaints.

  11. Checking status / repeating complaints. 

  12. Registration for Shah Alam Kita.

  13. Reduction for the cost of towing a car. 

  14. Application / renting Malawati Stadium 

  15. Application for remission.

  16. Appeal for late charges/requests for tax instalment assessment/consultation


Ope​rating Hours   

Saturday (at locations designated by the Council)

10.00 am – 5​​.00 pm
Public centres such as commercial or business areas, residential areas, supermarkets, shopping centers, morning markets, public fields.​