1. Dusun Komuniti Shah Alam (DKSA)came into being along with the desire to bring back traditional plants, especially fruit trees, to the city. The traditional plants will be highlighted as a legacy of the Shah Alam residents, especially the new generation. 

  2. The city’s Community of Orchard is a new programme that can encourage positive and sustainable activities. It will improve urban greenery besides making the communities more productive, interactive and integrated to nature and each other. 


  1. The programme aims to make the orchard in the city a living asset to Shah Alam and beneficial to society as a whole. 

  2. The effort to set up an orchard of endangered fruit trees in the centres of community such as Shah Alam Lake Garden is wise and timely as it is a step to preserve the traditional and national heritage.


  1. To expose the residents of Shah Alam, especially the younger generation, to the important history of orchards and villages that have been forgotten. 

  2. To motivate the local communities to interact more and be more productive. 

  3. To provide optimum impact to abandoned and unprofitable spaces towards more green and sustainability.​