MBSA ​Volleythone 2014​​

     1.  Title of Tournament

  • The tournament is titled 'MBSA VOLLEYTHON 2014' , competing for the Mayor’s Cup and the Deputy Mayor’s Cup.
     2.  Date And Venue 
  • The tournament was held from 28 February (starting at 4.00 pm) until 2 March, 2014 (Friday - Sunday) at Dewan Bola Tampar MBSA, Section 19, Shah Alam. 
     3.  Rules of the Competition 
  • The Volleyball Competition were conducted in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) and the General Rules set by the MAVA with the following exceptions: 
     4.   Participation 
  • This tournament is open to Men only. 
  • Each team consists of a manager, a coach, an assistant coach / an escort and 12 players. 
     5.  Qualifications of a player. 
      a. The Mayor’s Cup 
  • Only one national player (who played between 2009 and 2013) or  non-citizen can be registered.   
      b. Deputy Mayor’s Cup
  • Open to Malaysian citizens only. National/former national players under the age of 35 years, including beach volleyball players/state players including Sukma from 2008 to 2013 are not allowed to register, except for those still under 17 years old.
      c. A player can only represent one team. 
      d. Players are to be confirmed with the Secretariat half an hour before the first game of each team. Team managers are required to collect documents that could confirm the eligibility of players. 

     6.  Meeting of Team Managers and Drawing Lots 
           Date       : 23 February 2014
           Time       : 3.30 pm
            Venue   : Dewan Bola Tampar Section 19, Shah Alam 
      7.  Rules of the Tournament
  • Apart from the rules of the competition, this tournament will be conducted in accordance with the laws currently in force. 
  • Any unforeseen circumstances that are not specified in the rules of the competition will be decided by the Organising Committee and its decision is final. 
     8.  System of the Competition
      a.First Round (Group League) 
  • Teams are divided into eight groups for the Mayor’s Cup and eight groups for the Deputy Mayor’s Cup. Each group is made up of at least 3 teams. 
      b.Second Round (Knockout Round) 
  • The Champion of each group will get a bye, while the second-placed team from each group will meet with the third-placed team in each group.
      c. Third Round (Knockout Round) 
  • Sixteen (16) teams from the Mayor’s Cup group and sixteen (16) teams from the Deputy Mayor’s Cup group (Champion of each group and the winner of the second round) will play in the following format: 
  Points System / How to Determine ranking
  • The winner                 - 2 points    
  • The loser     - 0 point
  • Technical disqualification/withdrawal  - 0 points
  • In the case of a draw:
              o Z = Total points won (All matches) 
                            Total points lost 

  • The team with the highest point average is ranked top 
  • Should there be a draw situation between two or more teams, the game between the two teams in question will be considered. The team that wins the match finished top.
     d. Uniform
  • Jersey must be numbered measuring 15cm high in the centre of the front and 20 cm at the rear. 
  • Jersey is numbered from 1 to 12. 
  • Teams that are not in uniform will not be allowed to compete. 
     e.  Players exchange 
  • Change/addition of players can be made at the secretariat one hour before the first match started. Changes/additions are not allowed after that. 
      f. Cancellation (Walkover) 
  • Teams must be on the court half an hour before the time set for the match. Teams that came 15 minutes after the scheduled time without a reasonable excuse will be considered as having given over the match to the opponent. 
      g. The Referee 
  • Referees for the tournament consist of State Referee Candidates and above. Each team is required to provide a linesman. The organizer will only provide linesmen for semi-final and final matches only.      
      h. Suspension

  • Players who are dismissed in a match will be automatically suspended in the next match until the Disciplinary Committee makes a decision.

      i. Protest / Appeal 
  • Teams that want to make a protest during a match, must inform the referee verbally. However, the match will be continued 'Under Protest'. Only the captain is allowed to make a protest.
  • If the team still wanted to protest after a match, the team manager must note “Objection” in the score sheet and sign it. Objection in writing must be accompanied by cash RM500.00 in cash as a security deposit within ½ hour after the conclusion of the match. ​
  • The deposit is not refundable if it appears that the objection is unreasonable. 
  • If objections are sustained, RM450.00 will be refunded from the deposit. RM50.00 will be charged as the processing fee.

      j. Jury of appeal
  • The Jury of Appeal shall be chaired by the Chairman of the Organising Committee or his representative, 
  • Head Referee of the Championship and 2 team managers who are not involved in the appeal. Jury of Appeal will meet within one hour upon receipt of a written objection. 

      k. Fees
  • Mayor’s Cup  - RM350.00 per team
  • Deputy Mayor’s Cup -  RM200.00 per team. 

      l. Prizes

  • MAYOR'S CUP: - ​
          Champion : RM5,000.00 cash prize + accompaniment prizes
          1st Runner-up. : RM3,000.00 cash prize + accompaniment prizes 
         Joint third. : RM 1,000.00 cash prize + accompaniment prizes
          Champion : RM2,000.00 cash prize + accompaniment prizes
          1st Runner-up: RM1,000.00 cash prize + accompaniment prizes
           Joint third: RM500.00 cash prize + accompaniment prizes

General Matters 

  1. The Organizing Committee has the right to make any decision should there be any discrepancies in the tournament that is not mentioned in the competition rules, and the decision is final. The Organizing Committee also reserves the right to amend any tournament rules if found necessary. 

  2. All matches will be carried out according to schedule but the Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend the sequence or time of the match if necessary.

  3. Besides the officers on duty, the players involved and the official photographer, no one is allowed into the court when a game is in progress. 

  4. The members of a team allowed to sit on the substitutes bench provided at the time of a match is as follows: -​

    • Team Manager
    • Head Coach
    • Assistant Coach/Escort 
    • 6 substitute players​​​​

  5. Discipline and welfare of team members are the responsibility of each team manager and it is hoped that all team managers will cooperate with the organizer of the tournament to ensure that the tournament runs smoothly.  


It is desirable if such programmes can be run as the element of integrity resulting from it will become a platform for participants to collaborate in shaping a healthy and harmonious society. Through this programme new talents will also be discovered in the field of sports such as Volleyball, Rugby, Futsal, Pencak Silat and Taekwando to be featured at a higher level. Hence, every cooperation and support given by any party is most welcome and appreciated so that this programme does not remain merely a plan but can be realized successfully..​​


Division of Youth and Sports, Shah Alam City Council​
Office Phone No:   :  03-5522 2733 (Naim/Along/Rafiq/Nua)
Fax No:  :  03-5513 8513
E-mail ​  :
Competition Officers  : Mr. Jaid Idham bin Idiris (012-370 6636)
 : Rina (012-2354235)​
Competition Secretary  : Mr. Shamsaimon Mohd Sharit (hp-012-902 7771)
(Please visit to download information and tournament entry form)

Futsal Tournament

Competition Category & Entry Fees​
Category Men Open Women Open Under 18  Under 12 
 RM 200.00
 RM 150.00
 RM 120.00
 RM 100.00
Prize Winners
Category Men Open Women Open Under 18  Und​er 12​ 
RM 3,000.00 + 
Trophy + Souvenirs
RM 2,500.00 + 
Trophy + Souvenirs
RM 2,000.00 + 
Trophy + Souvenirs
RM 1,000.00 + 
Trophy + Souvenirs
Runner Up
RM 2,500.00+ Souvenirs
RM2,000.00+ Gift
RM 1,500.00 +Gift
RM 800.00 + Souvenirs
Semi Final
RM 1,000.00 +Souvenirs
RM 500.00 + Souvenirs
RM 500.00 +Souvenirs 

RM 200.00 + Souvenirs
Q​uater Final Souvenirs   Souvenirs  Souvenirs  Souvenirs
Conditions Of Participation
  1. Participation is open to all teams/clubs.

  2. Participation is limited to 32 first team for each category.

  3. A player is only eligible to enrol in one team only. 

  4. Each team is only allowed to register 8 participants (5 players and 3 reserves), a coach and a team manager. (Managers and coaches can be registered as a player). 

  5. Closing date: 10 April 2014 (Thursday)

Competition format. 
  1. The competition will use the FIFA competition format. However, the organizer reserves the right to amend/add regulations consistent with the goals of the competition 

  2. Duration of a match is 5 minutes of each first half and second half time

  3. First round matches will be carried in leagues. Second rounds to the final will be knockout matches.

  4. The champion and first runner-up teams in the first round matches will be eligible to continue to the second round. 

  5. If the 2nd round is a draw, three penalty kicks will determine the round. If the result is still a draw, an additional 2 penalty kicks will be taken. If the result is still a draw, a coin toss will be made and 1 kick decider will be played. ​

The Briefing Team Manager/Session Extract Of The Votes:
​ 10 April 2014 (Thursday), 8.00 pm ​Bilik Mokara, Tingkat G, Jab. Korporat, Wisma MBSA


Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam, Jabatan Korporat, (Bhgn. Belia & Sukan),
Tingkat G, Wisma MBSA, Persiaran Perbandaran, 
40000 Shah Alam,
​Selangor Darul Ehsan.​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Office         :   
03-5522​​ ​​2742​
                     03-5513 8513
Mr. Jaid ​: 012-370 6636 ​
​Ms Rina ​: 012-23​5 4235​
​Mr. Naim :​​ 019-257 6897​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​