1221 CLUB​

Sports Development ​Clinic, Club​ 1221 MBSA​

Sports Development Clinic is one of the annual programmes that have been included in the Shah Alam City Council calendar of activities. It is a year-round programme under the Shah Alam City Council Club 1221. The Sports Development Clinic building was started in 2007 and has been getting encouraging response from youths in the vicinity of Shah Alam. 

Rationale of Sports Clinic  ​

  1. To expose to children/teens the importance of sports in ensuring a quality life. 

  2. Sports are the most effective method of avoiding and reducing crime and social problems among youths and adolescents. 

  3. Sports can also create discipline and self-esteem, producing positive-thinking, healthy and active youths.

Objectives and Goals of the Sports Development Clinic

  1. Encourage the interest in the children/youths to actively participate in a sporting activity. 

  2. Provide opportunities to hone their talents and demonstrate their abilities in their favourite sports. 

  3. The Sport Development Clinic is also designed to uncover new talents at the grassroots level to be trained and brought up to a higher level.

Sport Development Clinics Available. 

  1. Volleyball

  2. Rugby

  3. Futsal (Men/Women)

  4. Pencak Silat

Programme Information

     1.  Manager

  • The Council appoints experienced and qualified instructors to conduct the training programmes each week. 
     2.  Form of Training
  • Training is conducted once each week for two hours. 
  • Theory and practical training is given to each participant
  • Schedules and training programmes are provided by the appointed coaches.
     3.  Training facilities
  • Training Venue: ​
 The Council provides comfortable and appropriate training venues according to the types of sports.
  • Volleyball       - The MBSA section 4

  • Rugby            - Fields Wisma MBSA

  • Futsal            - will be announced later

  • Martial Arts    - will be announced later

  • Taekwondo    - will be announced later

     4. .  Training Equipment:

  • The Council provides all training facilities/equipment such as balls, nets, cones, 'kicking targets', 'punching bag' and others.

Competition Levels 

     1.  Internal Competition
  • Internal competitions are held to test performance and mastery of technique in particular sports.
     2.  External Competition
  • Participants will also be exposed to external competitions to give them opportunities to display their abilities. This can indirectly assess the progress of individual performance to be highlighted to a higher level (state or national) 
  • The Council will bear expenses such as entry fees, food and transportation for the participants.

Conditions for Participation 

  1. Participation is open to all youths (boys and girls) aged under 21 years. 

  2. The candidate must have a strong interest and a healthy body (not suffering from chronic diseases). ​

  3. Participants must have a physique appropriate to the chosen sport. 

Fees for Participation

Participants will have to pay fees as follows: :
MBSA 1221 Club Membership fees: RM 20.00 (lifetime)

Payment for Coaches 

  1. Proposed payment for coaches are as follows: 
  • RM100.00 (per session) x number of coaches (per sport) ​