The Green Pioneer Programme is annually organized by the Shah Alam City Council in collaboration with the Selangor State Education Department to educate primary school pupils throughout the city of Shah Alam about the natural environment. Three series of the programme is held in a year with a target of 15 schools for each series.                


The purpose 

The Green Pioneer Programme aims to provide exposure to primary school children (level 2) regarding responsibility to the environment, the importance of trees and public parks in an effort to mold a generation that cares for the environment. 



In general, the Green Pioneer Programme 2013 was successfully accomplished with the excellent cooperation of the Selangor State Education Department (JPNS), District Education Offices (DEO) such as Petaling Perdana, Petaling Utama, Klang and Gombak and all the schools involved. Partners such as the CCM Fertilizers (M) Sdn. Bhd., Greenland Enterprise, Nestle Product and others also worked with teachers and students in support of this programme.

The teachers and pupils representing each school were excited and happy with each activity in the programme which was organized by the secretariat. The support and cooperation of the escorting teachers smoothened the flow of activities. Briefings and presentations by specially invited professional speakers were also very clear and informative. 

The Shah Alam City Council hopes that these kind of programmes can be maintained and the activities within the programmes can be constantly upgraded to meet the educational and learning needs of the pupils. As partners, the sponsors are also expected to provide cooperation and commitment to enable the programme to produce young people who are aware and concerned about the environment and are able to appreciate and preserve the beauty and greenery that surround them.​​​