1. ​Efficient municipal services. 

  2. Making Shah Alam as a city that is clean, beautiful, cheerful and happy.​

  3. ​Ensuring orderly and controlled planning and development in accordance with sustainable development in order to boost long-term economic growth for investors / traders at home and abroad.

  4. Ensuring an effective and consistent maintenance culture.

  5. Creating a prosperous city.

  6. Increasing societal development parallel with physical development.

  7. Protect and conserve the environment for the comfort and welfare of the citizens of Shah Alam and the future generations.

  8. Creating a conducive environment for the growth of industry, trade and tourism.

  9. Making Shah Alam as a center of development and excellence for education.

  10. Creating a conducive and comfortable environment for the disabled and senior citizens.

  11. Efficient and prudent governance that upholds integrity.

  12. Ensuring competent and committed employees that uphold integrity.

  13. Giving priority to customers in an efficient, right, transparent, effective and continuous service.

  14. Making a norm on the use of information technology in all services.

  15. ​Enforcing rules and laws in prudently and professionally.