​Integrity Reporting Channel was invented to guide the public on how to report improper behavior and wrongdoing of Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam’s officer. This channel also promotes integrity in Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA) administration.

Some of the scopes the public can report to MBSA Integrity Unit are;
  a) Misconduct of power or wrongdoing;
  b) Giving / accepting / asking / offering bribe;
  c) Breach of law or  standard procedure such as;
                • Staff missing in action / does not comply to government working hour
                • Sexual harassment / close proximity (khalwat) / indecent behavior / adultery
                • Not declaring latest assets acquisition / not updating assets acquisition
                • ​Drugs addiction / drugs related case
                • Doing side job without Head Of Department consent
                • Travel abroad without Head of Department approval
   d)   Poor management of budget that lead to waste of public resources:
   e)   Irresponsible act such as:
​                • False claim / fraud
                • Medical Certificate (MC) fraud
                • Leaking government  information / government secrecy 
                • Misuse of government properties/fund for personal interest