Ahli Majlis


Resident representative council as an agent of problems and complaints transmission of Shah Alam citizens.

Resident Representative Council of Shah Alam City Council consists of members of the Council that act as the chairman; three Area Officers from MBSA officers and MPP committee members around 20 to 30 people for each MPP; functioning in strengthening the role and function of MPP for that particular zone.

MPP is an agent of transmitting problems and complaints from residents of Shah Alam to MBSA. Therefore, cooperation and pro-active attitude of MPP are highly needed in helping MBSA to solve the problems and complaints that they received. Shah Alam MPP was established in March 2003, in which the reason of establishment is in line with the administration via local Agenda 21 approach, which was initiated by the Council since 2000..

Among the objectives of the establishment of Shah Alam MPP included to strengthen and streamline the functions and duties of the members of the Council as a mediator that connects the Council and the residents; as a mediator in channeling information and Council rules to the residents; become an agent of transmitting problems and complaints from the Shah Alam residents to MBSA; in addition to encourage the residents’ participation in all activities organized by MBSA. MPP is also responsible in identifying small repairs, infrastructure and landscaping of the park, which should be made for the safety and convenience of the public.

MPP organization is divided into two stages, which are Main MPP and Zone MPP, whereas, the period of appointment for MPP committee is based on the term of office for the Members of the Council. With the establishment of the MPP, the MBSA administration area which covers 290.3 square kilometers is divided into 24 zones. All Zone MPP operates in a special office known as Council Member Service Centre in each zone and it is equipped with amenities such as telephone, fax, computer, chair, meeting table as well as an operational administrative assistant.

Zone MPP plays an important role in bridging the relationship between MBSA and the residents through various activities such as communal work, dialogue, talk, sports and more. Zone MPP is also responsible for delivering a variety of information from Council to the people, especially matters related to the policies of the Council, cleanliness campaigns and current activities. In addition, members of the Council who acts as Chairman of Zone MPP is entrusted to plan the use of the budget for each zone that will be used for the purpose of organizing activities and community programmemes as well as small infrastructure projects in their respective areas.

Indeed teamwork will produce an excellent and more than expected outcome. Cooperation and good relations should be maintained and implemented consistently at all times so that the services provided to the community will become more efficient and convincing. With the continuous help and involvement of the MPP, MBSA can always be able to provide the best and excellent service to the community.​