Functions of Division

  1. The management of the Shah Alam Stadium Complex comprises the Main Stadium, Melawati Stadium, Mini Stadium and the management of sites around Stadium Complex. 
  2. Programme plan to develop and promote the use of Shah Alam Stadium Complex. 
  3. Coordinating the maintenance of buildings and areas.​

Client's Charter

  1.  To provide feedback for latest event in Shah Alam sports complex within 5 working days.
  2. Receiving application of area rental at Shah Alam Sports Complex and responding to application within 14 working days. 
  3. Providing complete facility at Shah Alam Sports Complex within twenty-four (24) hours before the event begins after receiving the booking.
  4. Ensuring that action to be taken on complaint and providing response within 1 hour after the complaint has been lodged. 
  5. Managing complete payment document to be sent to the Finance Department, four (4) days after receiving the invoice. 
  6. Sending the rental bill to tenants before the 7th of each month. 
  7. Receiving payment for event booking five (5) days prior to the event.​