Functions of Department

  1. Establishing a Joint Management Body (JMB) for all multilevel and stratified schemes. 
  2. Fixing on a new date for the first meeting of JMB after being informed by developers that the first JMB meeting failed to be held. 
  3. Appointing someone to hold the first meeting of JMB if the developer fails to provide and to determine the meeting’s date. 
  4. Appointing a managing agent to maintain and manage the building if the COB is satisfied that that action needs to be taken. 
  5. Issuing notice to bay owners who fail to pay maintenance charge if received application from JMB. 
  6. Resolving complaint relating to the management and maintenance of building.

Client's Charters

  1. Issuing JMB certificate to the Joint Management Body within 7 working days provided that documents are complete. 
  2. Resolving JMB minor complaints within 14 working days. 
  3. Resolving the major JMB complaint within 30 working days. 
  4. Attending the AGM / EGM of JMB / MC if invited by the authorities.