Functions of the Department​

  1. ​​​Managing the procurement of supplies and stocks.​

  2. Managing organizational development and research.​

  3. Handling tenders and contracts management.

  4. Coordinate meetings at MBSA level.

  5. Improving the management of quality and productivity.

  6. Increasing the use of information system.

  7. Running the management of human resource.

  8. Perform general administrative tasks.

  9. Managing the administration of MBSA departments.​

Customer Charter

  1. Managing the contribution of death compensation to the next of kin of the staff within 14 days from the date of the completed application.

  2. Managing payment for death donation under concerned employer fund within 48 hours with the accompanying of necessary documents.

  3. Managing service confirmation application letter for interview purpose within 7 working days while for loan purpose and others within 3 working days.

  4. Managing intake applications to the council quarters within 2 weeks from the date of completed application.

  5. Managing the council loan application within 3 weeks from the date of receiving the completed form.

  6. Managing the issuance of guarantee letter (GL) within 24 hours for government hospital, while experts of the Council within 3 days after confirmation.​

  7. Sending retirement documents to JPA within 3 months before reaching retirement age recommended by the Council.

  8. Managing confirmation within 2 weeks after meeting the terms of service that have been decided.

  9. Arranging matters regarding permanent and contract recruitment within 3 months from the closing date of the advertisement.

  10. Managing capital assets and Council inventory such as purchasing, receiving, registration, manufacture, maintenance and disposal within one (1) month of the application.

  11. Processing payment claims for procurement supplies, Council services within 6 days from the date of the invoice received.

  12. To receive and answer phone calls by the Customer Service Officer (Operator) less than three (3) rings.

  13. Circulating Council letters in not more than 3 working days.

  14. Ensuring that all MBSA members receive the following benefits:​

    • Health check-up for members aged 40 years and above.

    • Outpatient benefit to members and family members with the provision of RM2400 per annum at appointed panel clinics.

    • The benefit of purchasing spectacles of maximum RM500 per person once every 3 years.

    • Specialist treatment benefit of RM20,000 per annum for permanent and contract staff and RM30,000 to the Management group and Members of the Council.

  15. Ensuring Performance Indicators Card System (KPI) Department / Division to be submitted before 15th of each month.

  16. Informing the employees the date of SIRIM Audit within 1 week.

  17. Ensuring customer feedback form reaches 200 clients per month.

  18. Ensuring all employees attend courses at least 7 days in a year..