Corporate & Community Development Department


Functions of the Department

  1. Managing public relations, public complaints, issuing a press statement, providing speech for ceremony, managing entertainment event and managing publication materials. 

  2. Promoting and marketing Council activities as a better known, understood and respected institution by the local community. 

  3. Coordinating and organizing religious activities, sports, recreation, culture, art, and tourism for staff and public benefits. 

  4. Managing Library. 

  5. Coordinating residents' associations.

  6. Introducing community-based activities, sports, recreation, culture to the residents of Shah Alam and foreign tourists.​

Client's Charter

  1. Answering letters not received at the counter in 5 working days at all departments / divisions. 

  2. Processing bill payments within 7 working days for Finance Department, subjected to proper documentation. 

  3. Printing invitation card for official events and sending Short Messaging System (SMS) within 3 days prior to the date of the event. (Subject to acceptance of the information regarding the event). 

  4. Setting up the diary and calendar of the Council before 15 December each year. 

  5. Preparing the Annual Report in May for the following year.

  6. Publishing the council printed materials:

    • MBSA Bulletin - 24 times a year​

    • MBSA Monthly Newsletter - 10 times a year

  7. Distributing press complaints to the relevant departments immediately and getting feedback within 3 working days. 

  8. Providing feedbacks on usage / rental application:​

    • Section 4 and Section 19 Halls 2 days before date of use. 

    • Cultural Site, Shah Alam Square and Independent Square - 7 days before the date of use. 

    • Bus and Coaster - 5 days before the date of use (subjected to Council policy). 

    • Council Community Vehicle - 2 days before the date of use. 

    • Entertainment Equipment - 5 days before the date of application.

  9. Providing feedback and handling confirmation on cultural programmes and arts within 5 working days prior to the date the programme will be run. 

  10. Conducting community programmemes (MBSA and MPP) at least 24 programmemes per month.​