Licensing & Enforcement Department



  1. ​​​Organize and implement law enforcement actions and orders.

  2. Manage and produce all types of license.

  3. To protect the Security Council properties.

  4. Monitoring of the management of hawkers in the Council 

  5. Organize and implement enforcement action the laws and regulations of the Council

Department's Clients Charter

Clients Charter Of Licensing Unit

  1. Approve business licences within 1 hour (license non-risk, advertising permanent, bunting and banners)

  2. Approved business licenses and industry within 30 days.

  3. Processing payment claims accusition supply, Council services within 6 days from the date the invoice is received.

  4. Adopt a variety of license within 14 working days (entertainment license, dogs, sales promotion and others)

Clients Charter Of Enforcement Unit​

  1. Claims and production of goods of sitaan can be made after 7 days from the date of sitaan.

  2. Claims cars towed can be made immediately.

  3. Bad cars can be claimed within 3 months.​