Legal Department


 Functions of law department 

 Prosecution Division

  1. Managing Council Related Compounds.
    • Serving the public for compound solution, notice, summons or arrest warrant based on compound Power Act, which has been gazetted.
  2. Provide legal advice.
    • Provide advice to the relevant Council departments regarding law that has been accepted and enforced by the Council.
  3. Manage the preparation of charge summon.​
    • Preparing papers for charge summon and complaint as well as documents relevant to the person being compound (OKK) who fails to pay for the compound.
  4. Manage the completion of the summons for Shah Alam City Council.​
    • After obtaining a reference date and the summon’s number for charge summons sheet that was registered by the court, we will arrange for the completion of the summon to the person being summoned (OKS).
  5. Handling reference matters and case trial.
    • We will make reference to the Court over summons that have been completed to the person being summoned and then we will prepare for the case trial, if the individual does not plead guilty.
  6. Managing warrant cases.​
    ​If the person who is being summoned fails to appear in the court on the date of reference, we will make an application to the court to issue an arrest warrant against that person. Once the application is available, we will arrange for the arrest of the person being summoned over case that has been issued for an order of an arrest warrant.​

The Civil And Agreement Division

  1. Managing claim cases for assessment tax arrears

    Managing Council Assessment Tax Arrears claims against the owner of the property (Land / Premises) starting from receiving the application from the Council Finance Department for the sum of arrears to be claimed through legislative action.

  2. Managing the appointment of counsel panel.

    Managing Appointments of Counsel Panel for Council defense of claim cases made by third parties against the Council. We will monitor the council panel who has been appointed until the case is done.

  3. Managing payments 

    Managing cost related to case that action has been taken by the counsel lawyers.

  4. Managing Council civil cases claim.

    Council claim cases can be in two states; the claims are made by the Council to the external parties or vice versa.
    E.g.: Damage Compensation Claim Case, Accident, Breach of Contract, Trespass, Rental Claim and others. ​

  5. Manage claims with outside parties (insurance)

    Managing insurance claims for fatal accidents involving Council vehicles as well as managing the witnesses of the case via law suit.

  6. Setting the witnesses preparation.

    If required, we will arrange for the witnesses preparation on behalf of the Council to give statement during a trial of a case in the court.

  7. Consulting with the claimant.

    If we on the opinion that this case can be settled outside of the court, we shall first get the permission from the Council to hold a talk with the claimant to settle the claim outside of the court.

  8. Managing the preparation of the Council's agreement.

    Reviewing of the drafts of agreement which was extended by the relevant parties or providing directly a draft of agreement to be adopted by the Council. Managing signatures and stamps of agreement.​

The R&D, Law Making And Governance

  1. Preparing the draft laws.

    Preparing Draft of Small Laws, tabling in a Committee meeting for approval of the Council and managing proclamation with the State Government.

  2. Ensure that travel correspondence in the Legal Department

    Ensuring the management of correspondence both from within and outside of the Law Department is recorded into a reserved book.

  3. Ensuring the correspondence flow at the Law Department.

    Ensuring staff attendance report to be submitted to the Human Resources Division at the beginning of each month to achieve the target set by the SUK.

  4. Managing records of staff leave.

    Ensuring all staff on leave is recorded and updated before they are approved by the Director.

  5. Ensuring inventory record, office supplies and assets are well managed.

    Ensuring the records of inventory, office supplies and the department assets are updated, obtained and in good condition.

  6. Maintaining and updating HRMIS system.

    Updating the service record, leaves, personal records and performance in HRMIS system.

  7. Report on Customer Charter.

    Ensuring report on Customer Charter is submitted to the Training Division every 4 months.

  8. Productivity Undertaking Report.

    Ensuring Productivity Undertaking report is submitted to the Training Division once every six months.​

Department's Charter

  1. Answering compounds-related letters received at the counter and by mail within 5 working days. 
  2. Managing the settlement of the level 2 compound fee appeal within 15 minutes. 
  3. Managing the preparation and review of tenancy agreement documents within 14 working days from the date of acceptance, and agreement prepared by external parties within 50 days of the acceptance of the agreement draft. 
  4. Attending and resolving customer complaints within 5 working days. 
  5. Providing reviews on questions asked by other departments within 5 working days. 
  6. Managing the authority card application to officers and staff appointed within 10 working days. 
  7. Conducting prosecution after 7 days from the date of the Compounding Offer Notice was issued, subjected to complete Investigation Report.


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