Pejabat Cawangan Sungai Buloh


Functions of Branch Office

  1. Providing local bill payment facility, receive complaints and inquiries regarding MBSA. 
  2. Supervising and monitoring the work of the wholesaler / contractors appointed by the MBSA under the administration area of Sungai Buloh Branch Office. 
  3. Processing and approving payment document of wholesaler / contractors under the supervision of the Sungai Buloh Branch Office. 
  4. Taking action on complaints received by the counter / letter / phone / e-complaint system / email and others. 
  5. Receiving applications equivalent plan / business license and property owners change of name. 
  6. Monitoring and enforcing the existing law and regulations. 
  7. Ensuring solid waste and public cleansing service is on schedule.

Client's Charters

  1. Receiving bill payment and issuing a payment receipt immediately. 
  2. Providing feedback on complaints received in MBSA Public Complaints System and counters as well as letters of complaint within seven (7) working days. 
  3. Conducting an investigation on complaint received within 3 working days in each Department / Division. 
  4. Submit payment documents to the Finance Department within 6 days from the date of complete application documents received. 
  5. Receiving all applications of licenses / permits / equivalent plans / property owner change of name and sending to the relevant department within 24 hours. 
  6. Book sale / equivalent plans for addition / residential house amendment and temporary construction permit for stores / offices. 
  7. Processing and issuing response of the refund of deposits to the Finance Department within 14 working days from the date of acceptance provided that the application complies with the requirements of the Council.​