Business Process Reengineering (BPR)


BPR implemented at MBSA is a fundamental and radical change in thinking, design and work procedures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery. It involves a change of work culture at all levels, processes and procedures to achieve higher performance from the aspects of cost, quality, service and time. Below are among the BPR implemented at MBSA:

  1. Approval in 1 hour for business licenses for risk-free activities. 

  2. Approval period is shortened for payment plan applications. 

  3. OSC Online forwarding on-line application for development. 

  4. Approval for Building Plans within 30 days

  5. Approval for the development applications within 40 days.

  6. Cooperation with JPJ in restricting Motor Vehicle Licence for vehicles    compounded by the Council. 

  7. Approval in1 day for temporary construction permits.

  8. Approval in 1 day for construction permits for additional renovation to a house​