International Standardization Organization (ISO)



MS ISO is Malaysian Standardization (International Organization for Standardization) Geneva

8 basic principles of MS ISO 9001: 2000: 

  1. Client is the focus

  2. Leadership​

  3. Involvement of members of the organization

  4. Process approach

  5. Management based on a system

  6. Continuous improvement

  7. Making decisions based on facts

  8. Relations with suppliers for mutual benefit

List of Quality Procedures for Shah Alam City Council

Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) received the MS ISO on 21 September 1999. MBSA has been recognized with MS ISO 9001: 2008 on 20 September 2011. Below is the existing scope registered with SIRIM QAS Sdn. Bhd.:

  1. Approval for Licenses

  2. Tender & Contract Management

  3. Approval for CF

  4. ​Approval for Layout Plans

  5. Management of Tax Assessment 

  6. Collection of Tax 

  7. Approval for Plans for Establishing a Development

  8. Approval for Landscape Plans

  9. Approval for Infra Plans

  10. Approval for Building Plans. 

  11. Fee Management

The scope of certification is added to the following activities: - 

  1. Computer Maintenance

  2. Food Premises

  3. Vacant Lots

  4. Production of NTC

  5. Management of Graves

  6. Application for Approval of Temporary Permits and Constructions

  7. Management of Confiscated Goods

  8. Application for Equipment for Entertainment.

  9. Management of Money Collection at the Counter. 

  10. Standardisation & Management of Multipurpose Halls

Recertification audit was held on 22 & 23 August 2011. The audit did not find any NCR and certification resumed until 20 September 2014.​