Innovative And Creative Group (KIK)



The KIK programme, formerly known as KMK, was introduced on 14 March, 1983. In 2010, MBSA organized the first KMK/KIK MBSA Mayor's Cup Convention. Four departments took part in the competition -- the Department of Engineering, and two groups from Revenue, Licensing and Planning. The Provision team from the Revenue Department became the champion at the Selangor State Level. The group later represented the Council at the National level competition held at Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya on 27 October 2010, organized by INTAN. The group was awarded the MAMPU Award at the National Level. The convention was not held in 2011 as only three groups participated. The secretariat then chose the team 'Urban Force' from the Department of Buildings to represent the Council at the state level and was placed third.

In 2012, participation in the KIK Mayor's Cup Convention increased to 11 teams which included City Services, Finance, Buildings (2 teams), Revenue Management, Licensing, Enforcement, Sungai Buloh, Service Management, ICT and Assessment. It has then become an annual event organized by Training and Quality Division, Department of Management Services. In 2013 a total of 13 KIK groups (Internal Audit withdrew at the last minute) joined the KIK Mayor’s Cup Convention.

One group from the Internal Audit Division and the Public Complaints (Group O and C) withdrew from the convention at the last minute. - The title of its entry was "Difficulty in identifying the status of temporary construction permit office buildings and premises of the building."


  1. Ability to create a way to work or generate innovation. 

  2. Ability to solve problems or improve work. 

  3. Create team spirit. 

  4. Sowing and nurturing positive values and work ethics

  5.  High work motivation 

  6. Awareness of responsibility to self, group, organization and the country. 

  7. Encouragement for innovative and creative ideas.

  8. Creating a harmonious relationship between management and other members of staff.​