MBSA Strategic Planning 2010 - 2015


MBSA Strategic Plan 2010-2015 is developed by taking into account all the requirements to meet the objectives of the development and direction of the state of Selangor towards progress and prosperity. 

The implementation of the plan focuses on the development needs of Shah Alam city to be excellent in the following characteristics: 

  1. Urban services with high quality, efficient and proactive community. 

  2. Community that is secured, active, co-operative with good neighbourhood.

  3. Maintenance of the environment that is fresh, healthy, attractive and sustainable. 

  4. Excellent infrastructure and encouraging business opportunities ​​

  5. A communication system that is safe, smooth and comfortable. 

  6. Economy that is strong and competitive. 

  7. Administration which is professional, transparent, trustworthy, responsive and innovative ​