Total Quality Fast Track Model (TQFTM)


Since the rebranding of its corporate statement in October 2011, MBSA has taken the initiative to join theTotal Quality Management (TQM) programme towards TQFTM recognition from SIRIM QAS INTERNATIONAL. Until May 2012, SIRIM has conducted several auditing sessions to view and analyze the disparities to be addressed in heading towards TQFTM.

The Council in collaboration with SIRIM Training Services Sdn. Bhd. has organized a workshop on Introduction to the Criteria of "Total Quality Fast Track Model" (TQFTM) - Towards Recognition of TQM SIRIM. The implementation of this model is to assist the organization in stages in the implementation of the program towards increasing competitiveness and also to ensure sustainability of the organization in the future.

"Total Quality Management" is a management philosophy and organisational practice that aim to make full use of the human and material resources of the organization in the most effective way to achieve its objectives. 

"Total Quality Fast Track Model" (TQFTM) is an implementation model that provides step-by-step continuous improvement opportunities, towards a 'lean' and outstanding organisation. Each improvement can be measured either through self-assessment, certifications, or awards and participations in National and International conventions.​