1. Malawati Stadium was officiated by His Royal Highness Tengku Idris Shah Ibni Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Alhaj on 12 May 1998. The Council took over the management of maintenance on January 1, 2003 and was fully managed on 1 April 2005. Malawati Stadium has a capacity of 13,000 spectators and its arena measures 900m² (50m x 50m). 

  2. Various activities and events are conducted at Malawati Stadium such as sporting events, warehouse sales, concerts, exhibitions, talks and the like.


There are 2,348 bleachers seats for the audience in the arena.

  • Air conditioner

  • Yard

  • Dressing room

  • Prayer Room

  • Dining room

  • Toilets

  • Light Arena

  • VIP Parking space

  • Kiosk

​How To Apply

All applications must be made either in writing / fax / email to the Stadium Management Division, MBSA or by completing an application rental form available at the Shah Alam Sports Complex.​


No. ​​Details​​ R​​a​te
1​​. Assembly / Carnival / Convention / Warehouse Sales / Exhibition
RM 20,000.00 per day
RM25,000.00 per day
2. Concert (with Event Tickets)  15% of gross tickets collections or RM55,000, whichever is higher

Weddings or Ceremonials events 

  • With Air Conditioning

  • Without Air Conditioning

RM 1,300.00 (per hour) 

Maximum 8 Hours @ RM1,500.00 with additional RM 500.00 per hour

Filming or ads or video ​
  • With Air Conditioning
  • Without Air Conditioning

RM 1, 500.00 (per Hour)

RM 500.00 (per Hour)

5. Recording of live sports events 
RM 3,000.00
Sports events.
  • With Air Conditioning

  • Without Air Conditioning

RM 1,500.00 per hour, whichever is higher ​

RM 500.00 per hour

Preparation / unloading (no air conditioner)
  • Concerts

  • Other events

RM 2,000.00

RM 2,000.00
8. Utilities (Water & Electric) RM 500.00 (per day)
9. Cleaning RM 3,000.00 (per day)

Note -

Rates are based on the most and the use of and subject to the terms and conditions of rental.


  1. Tenants have to return the completed Acceptance Form of agreement and payment must be made in advance within five (5) days from the date of the letter of authorization for the quoted event. Otherwise the tenant is considered as not interested and the application is void. 

  2. Deposit and rental fee must be paid in full not later than fourteen (14) days before the date of the event. 

  3. Rental payment paid directly into the account MBSA must be accompanied with a copy of receipt / bank slip to the Stadium Management Division via fax no. 03-55198391 or email to for reference purposes. 

  4. Reservations cannot be confirmed if security deposit and rental are not paid in full on or before the stipulated date (i.e. two weeks from the date of the event). Thus, your application will be considered null and void. Accordingly, the Council may in its discretion accept any bookings from other parties, if any. 

  5. Payments / deposits will not be refunded if the tenant cancels the event in the following periods: -

    • Notice of more than 30 days – 20% 

    • Notice of 15-30 days - 50 %

    • Less than 15 days’ notice – 100%

  6. The Council will also impose a service charge of 5% charges of rental rates on the cancellation / changing date of reservation. A written application must be submitted to the Council. 

  7. The security deposit must be claimed within one (1) week to three (3) months after the completion of the event. Deposit will not be refunded after this period.

Preparation of Event

  1. The tenant is expected to contact the Council at least two (2) weeks before the date of event to discuss the preparation of the event. 

  2. Organizers / tenants / users are only allowed to access or use the stadium for the preparations of event within the stipulated time period. 

  3. If the usage exceeds the allotted time, overtime will be charged to the tenant. However, this is subjected to its availability at the time of the Council’s approval.

Facilities / Equipment

  1. The Council does not provide chairs, tables, stage decorations and other facilities. 

  2. Organizer / tenants / users are required to use any toilet installation tools carefully.

  3. Organizer / tenants / users are reminded to use any mechanical / electrical tools cautiously. Electrical extensions are prohibited without any prior written approval of the Council.


  1. Security Council will not be responsible for any damage or loss of property, injury or death of the organizer / tenants / users / visitors while using the stadium. 

  2. Exhibitions on valuable items should be organized with the cooperation of the police for security purposes. 

Terms and Conditions 

Organizer / tenants / users is responsible for obtaining the permission of the Police or whom may concerned about activities such as lectures, concerts and the like prior to using the Stadium.​

Procedures / Code 

  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Stadium. 

  2. Food and drinks are also strictly prohibited into the stadium unless written permission is obtained from the Council. 

  3. Pets are strictly prohibited into the stadium. 

  4. It is the responsibility of the organizer / tenants / users to ensure that Malawati Stadium is clean during and after the ceremony. All garbage or leftover foods should be discarded from the Stadium. ​

    Note: Deposit will not be refunded if the level of cleanliness is unsatisfactory and the facilities are not in good condition / damage.​

Withdrawal of Bookings 

  1. Under some unavoidable circumstances whereby the Council needs to use the stadium on the date of your booking, the booking will be cancelled. Deposit and rental will be refunded. You are not entitled to claim for any damages.

  2. The decision of the Council on the problems that may arise / have arisen with the promoter / tenants / users is final.


Organizer / tenants / users are not entitled to make claims for damages or any other kind of claims due to problems that arise during the rental period. ​


Management Of The Stadium,
Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam,
Level 1, Kuadron AB, Shah Alam Stadium,
Section 13, 40100 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Phone  : 03-55198766 or 03-55198133
Fax       : 03-55198391
Email    :​