Tempahan Stadium Shah Alam



  1. Shah Alam Stadium was inaugurated on 16 July 1994 and became one of the landmarks in Shah Alam. Being recognized as a world-class football stadium, it was selected as the World’s Youth Football Championship Festival in 1996 as well as the Commonwealth Games in 1998. Stadium Shah Alam, which covers 155,000 square feet can accommodate a capacity of 80,000 spectators. Shah Alam Stadium has achieved recognition as a world-class football stadium of the "Federation International Football Association" (FIFA). 

  2. The Stadium Management Division Stadium of Shah Alam City Council has been charged to manage rentals for events such as sports, social and concert at Stadium Shah Alam.

How To Apply

  1. Applicants should write in / fax / email to the Stadium Management Division, MBSA or fill in a rental application form available at Shah Alam Sports Complex. 

  2. Applicants are considered as tenants and they should adhere to all the rules and regulations throughout the rental period.


  • Tracks
  • VIP Lobby

  • Courses 
  • Corporate box

  • Yard

  • Electronic Scoreboard

  • Dressing room 

  • Broadcasting system 

  • Media room

  • Prayer Room

  • VIP / audience seats

  • VIP Toilets

  • Dining lounge

  • Field Lamp post


Sports /Athletics Events​


Private/Private Government/NGO School

8.00 am-6.00 pm


RM 2,500.00

RM 1,500.00

Lunch (1 hour)


RM 250.00







​​Football Match




RM 5,000.00 or 15% ticket proceeds, whichever is higher (Add 6% for GST)


RM 7,000.00 or 5% ticket proceeds, whichever is higher (Add 6% for GST)

Rate After GST​​

Time / Category

​Day​RM 2,000.00SR​6​RM 2120.00
Night​RM 5,000.00
SR ​​​6RM 5300.00

Time / Category

​Day​RM 5,000.00SR​6​RM 5300.00
NightRM 7​​,00​0.00
SR ​​​6RM 7420.00

Film shootings / advertisements 

Rate After GST


Outside Stadium
8.00 am-6.00 pmRM2,500.00SR​6​RM 2650.00
Day(1 hr)​RM 250.00
SR ​​​6RM 265.00


Inside Stadium
8.00 am-6.00 pmRM3,500.00SR​6​RM 3710.00
Day(1 hr)​RM 350.00
SR ​​​6RM 371.00




Assembly / Family Day RM 50,000.00
VIP Lounge RM 1, 000 a day
Training And Seminar Rooms RM 1, 000 a day
Access / Discharge  RM 1, 000 a day
Cleaning RM 3,000.00
Utilities (Water And Electricity) RM 500.00 per day
Note - Rates are based on terms of the tenancy


  1. Tenants must pay an advance rental of one (1) week from the date of the letter of authorization for the use of the quoted event. 

  2. Deposit and rental fee must be paid in full no later than fourteen (14) days before the date of use / event. 

  3. Payment made directly into the account MBSA must be accompanied with a copy of receipt / bank slip to the Stadium Management Division via fax or mail to 391 03-55198 stadium@mbsa.gov.my for reference purposes.

  4. If payment is not made in full on or before two weeks of the date of the event, reservations will not be confirmed and your application shall be considered null. Subsequently, the Council may in its discretion accept any bookings from other parties, if any. 

  5. Payment / deposit will not be refunded if the tenant decide to cancel the event as follows:

    • Notice of more than 30 days – 20%

    • or Notice of 15 to 30 days – 50%

    • or less than 15 days’ notice – 100%

  6. The Council will also impose a service charge of 5% charges of rental rates on the cancellation / change of the reservation date. Applicant needs to write in to the Council.

Preparation Of Events

  1. Organizer / tenant / user is required to contact the Council at least two (2) weeks before the date of event to discuss the preparations to be made. 

  2. Organizer / tenants / users are only allowed to make preparations and then utilize the stadium within the stipulated time only. 

  3. If the usage exceeds the stipulated time, organizer / tenants / users will be charged overtime payment. However, overtime usage is subject to availability and the approval of the Council.

Stadium facilities

The Council does not provide chairs, tables, stage decorations and other facilities. Organizer / tenants / users must manage these items themselves. 


  1. Organizer / tenants / users are required to use the toilet installation tools carefully and meticulously. 

  2. Organizer / tenants / users should be very cautious in using any mechanical / electrical tools. Electrical extensions are prohibited without prior written approval of the Council.


  1. Council is not responsible for damage or loss of property, injury or death occurring on the organizer / tenants / users / visitors while using the stadium. 

  2. Exhibition of valuable items should be done with the cooperation of the police.​

Terms and Conditions

  1. It is the responsibility of the organizer / tenants / users to obtain written permission of the Police or the authority concerned about activities such as lectures, concerts, bands and the like prior to the use of the stadium.

Procedures / Code of Stadium

  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the stadium. 

  2. Non-halal food and drinks or pets are also strictly prohibited in the Stadium.

  3. It is the responsibility of the organizer / tenants / users to ensure that the stadium is in a clean condition during and after the ceremony. All garbage or leftover foods must be discarded from the stadium. 

  4. Your deposit will not be refunded if the cleanliness of the stadium is found to be unsatisfactory.

Withdrawal of Bookings

  1. Deposit and rental will be refunded if the Council had to use the stadium on the date booked, the tour had to be canceled. Organizer / tenants / users are not entitled for any kind of claims at all. 

  2. The decision of the Council on any problems that may arise / have arisen with the promoter / tenant / user is final.

Method of Payment​



Main Counter 
Lift A, Ground Floor,
Wisma MBSA
​1.  Cash

2.  Credit Card 

3.  Cheque / Bank Draft / Postal      

     Payment by cheque made
     payable to: 
  • SHAH ALAM CITY COUNCIL of the payment process 
  • MBSA - COLLATERAL ACCOUNT for collateral payments


Management Of The Stadium,
Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam,
Level 1, Kuadron AB, Shah Alam Stadium,
Section 13, 40100 Shah Alam.
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Phone : 03-55198766 or 03-55198133
Fax     : 03-55198391
Email   : stadium@mbsa.gov.my​​​​​

Stadium Picture