Permohonan Serentak



There are several types of concurrent applications submission at the OSC counter. Charter period for this application is 40 days. Applicants will be given an appointment date if they submit a complete application. Here are the types of concurrent applications submitted at the OSC: 

  1. Method No. 1 ​
    This application involves description of land, planning permission, building and engineering plans. 

    Note: Based on the resolution made by the State Government Council dated 24 November 2010 (54) dlm.mmk.sel (r) 31001/7/18 Volume 49 24/11/2010 that an application with unpaid premiums is not allowed to apply for a building approval unless all matters relating to land matters are resolved. 

  2. Method No. 2 
    This application pertains to land and application to planning permission 

  3. Method No, 3 

    • This application involves planning permission, building and engineering plans. 

    • This involves the application for planning permission and building plan if the plan does not involve additional engineering plan. 

    • This application involves planning and engineering plans. 

  4. Method No. 4 

This application involves building plans and engineering plans. 


  • To apply Method No. 3 and Method No. 4, please ensure that your title has been updated as far as land matters are concerned. 
  • Letter of attorney (i.e. power of attorney), a joint venture (JV Agreement), the sales and purchase agreement and lease agreements (tenancy agreement) are required if the application has different owners and applicants.


Concurrent Application Review Form​Muat Turun Borang Semakan Permohonan Serentak

Method of Payment

​Location​​ Method
  1. Main Counter,
    Lift A, G, ​Wisma MBSA.

  2. OSC Counter,
    LG, Wisma MBSA.

  1. ​​Cash.
  2. Payment must be made in 2 separate cheques / bank draft in the name area: 
    • SHAH ALAM CITY COUNCIL - for the payment process. 
    • MBSA - COLLATERAL ACCOUNT - for deposit payments.​


    OSC Counter
    One Stop Center Department (OSC),
    Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam,
    LG, Wisma MBSA,
    Persiaran Perbandaran,
    Section 14, 40000 Shah Alam,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan.​

    Phone : 03-5522 2890  @ 03-55105133 ext. 1412 /1450
    Fax     : ​03-5510 2970
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