Application of business / industrial license covering all areas under the supervision of Shah Alam City Council. Composite license is a combination license of premise and billboards.

How To Apply

  1. The forms are available at the Main Counter level G, Licensing Department Counter on the 13th floor, Sungai Buloh Branch Office, Branch Office at Kota Kemuning and Branch Office at Setia Alam. 
  2. Completed forms must be submitted together with four (4) copies of each related document. 
  3. Licence Application Form duly completed must be deposited at the counter Licensing Department on the 13th floor.


  1. Form D and A (ROB). 
  2. Form 9 and 49 (ROC) or Form 13 (rename). 
  3. Copy of Identity Card. 
  4. A copy of the Registration of Societies / Associations / Clubs. 
  5. Copy CCC / CF. Copies of Building Permits (If Applicable).
  6. The master is required to refer to the Certificate of Fitness (CF). 
  7. Sample of Sketch Billboard. Refer to Figure 8. 
  8. Sample of a Sketched Plan Area. Refer to Figure B. 
  9. Sample of Sketched Floor Plan. Refer to Figure C 


  1. Payment for processing license applications: 
    • Business: RM 50.00
    • Industrial: RM 100.00
  2. Licence fees and collateral: -
The Type Of Total Area Of Premises Payment Rates (RM)
Collateral (RM)
Beauty Centre
Up to 60 square meters

> 60-100 square metres

> 100 – 200 square meters

> 200 square meters
1, 000.00
Health Care Centre
For every 10 square metres or in part 100.00 2,000.00


  1. Figure A  thumbnail ads
  2. Figure B location plan
  3. Figure C floor plans
  4. Licence Application of Composite Flow Chart (Business / Industry) composite flow chart
  5. Composite License Application Form (Business / Industry)  composite
  6. Flow Chart of License Application for Health Care Centre & Beauty Centre  the license terms 
  7. Licence Application Form for  Health Care Centre & Beauty Centre     
  8. Application Form for  Booth Activities in front of  Premise  
  9. Licence Application Form for Activities in front of Premise   
  10. Terms for Composite License Application and Health Care and Beauty Centres

Acts/Enactments/By-Laws (UUK)

  1. License Application Guidelines / Circulars / Laws Trades Licensing, Industry and Business (MBSA) 2007. 
  2. Local Government Act 1976, By-Laws Act of Beauty and Health Care Centre (Shah Alam City Council) 2007.​

Method Of Payment  

  1. Main Counter
    Lift A, Level G, Wisma MBSA

  2. A Licensing
    Lift A, 13th Floor, Wisma MBSA
  1. Cash
  2. Credit Card
  3. Cheque
  4. Payment by cheque made payable to:
    • MAJLIS BANDARAYA SHAH ALAM for the bill payment process
    • MBSA – AKAUN CAGARAN for payment security


Composite Unit,
Licensing Department
Lift A, 13th floor, Wisma MBSA, Persiaran Perbandaran,
Section 14, 40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.


No. phone: 03-5510 5133 ext. 1384/1246/1485
No. fax: 03-551 2 0226