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Pasukan Tindakan Segera (PANTAS) is a team that handles emergencies and disasters was established in the State of Selangor Local Authority based on the resolution at the meeting of the State Executive Council (EXCO) Ke 3/2013). PANTAS unit works 24 hours, 7 days a week on shifts duty of 8 hours per shift.

The objective of Pasukan Tindakan Segera (PANTAS) is as follows:

  1. To provide assistance to the genuine emergencies and disasters within the stipulated period. 

  2. To jointly coordinate with internal departments, security agencies and disaster coordinator in accordance with District Disaster No 20, National Security Council (NSC) before being taken over by an Emergency and Disaster Management Committee. 

  3. To ensure that relief operations are carried out in accordance with the Permanent Action Plan of the Emergency and Disaster Management that complies with the outlined Safety Instructions.

Scope of Task and Terms of Reference

PANTAS T scope of task is as follows:

  1. Emergency and disaster-related complaints only:-

    • FLOOD: Flash floods and Floods 

    • LANDSLIDE  :Landslide and Soil Sediment 

    • COLLAPSE: Building / Development Area 

    • STORMS: Falling Trees and roofs 

    • ACCIDENT:  Falling Poles/Trees, Damage to Public Property, Transport and Oil Spills 

    • FIRE: Houses, Industry and Agriculture

  2. Complaints other than the type of emergency and disaster are adjusted accordingly to the related department based on PBT’s public complaints handling procedures. 

  3. Terms of reference for the PANTAS is as follows: 

    • Emergency and disaster relief 

    • Provide assistance and early coordination 

    • Disaster Information Centre

    • Management and disaster relief, Safety State Council Directive No. 20

Functions and Roles

PANTAS roles and functions are as follows:

  1. Operate the emergency and disaster operations room

    • Each PBT should have an Emergency and Disaster Operations Room. 

    • Online operations room should work 24 hours per day. 

    • Receive, record and coordinate PBT critical services and complaints emergencies and disasters e.g. roads badly damaged, landslide, rubble, fire and the like. 

    • Coordinate communication and assistance in the implementation of emergency and disaster relief operations.

    • Write reports and update  records of events and actions on emergencies and disasters complaints. 

    • Receive regular PBT service complaints and adjust accordingly to public complaints management procedures.

  2. Serve as Early Assistance Force (first responder) in providing emergency assistance and disaster. 

    • Move to the location of the complaint in a response of time set. 

    • Provide emergency assistance to victims of disaster, if other security forces have not yet arrived. 

    • Control the traffic and safety at the scene before security forces arrive. 

    • Evaluate  the risk and situation

    • Initial reports of emergency situations and disaster planning and emergency assistance

  3. Assist other security agencies to relief  disasters. 

    • Assistance  that can be given: 

      • Emergency treatment and rescue victims 

      • Traffic control and safety 

      • Create environmental conditions and record victims of the disasters

      • The recovery period Communication with various Rescue and Safety agencies

  4. Coordination of emergency and disaster assistance covers logistics, expertise and welfare 

    • Logistics

      • Incident Control Centre site (CEC) Tents, tables and chairs, whiteboard, mobile toilets, mobile office, Security Pass 

      • Rescue Equipment  

      • Preparation of Transfer Points 

      • Preparation of Machinery

      • Transportations

    • Expertise

      • Technical Infra, Environmental Health 

    • Welfare

      • To Officers

      • To Victims (if not coordinated by the JKM)

  5. Operate Emergency and Disaster Information Centre at the Control Centre Site 

    • Record attendance of security agencies, guests and the media. 

    • Update information and give information assistance on operations, situation and future events. 

    • Disseminate accurate information to the public, guests and the media (subject to approval by the chief operating officer-MKN20)

    • Operate information centre from the beginning until the end of the event.

  6. Coordination of recovery scene. 

    • Monitor and coordinate remedial action scene.​


Operations Room, PANTAS,
Level L1 , Wisma MBSA, Persiaran Perbandaran,
Section 14, 40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Phone: 03-5510 5811
Hotline: 1-800-88-4477
No. fax : 03-5511 3836​