Amendments To The Valuation



Any change in assessment tax is due to the following matters: - (Section 144 of Act 171):

  1. Issuance of CCC / CF of a new building certificate.

  2. Amendment of renovation of existing building. 

  3. Change vacant area to building. 

  4. Change of land use conditions / ownership production. Village areas which recently received ownership of land such as Lombong and Bukit Cherakah Villages.

Valuation Amendment Notice

  1. Valuation Amendment Notice will be issued 4 times a year that are on: -

    • ​​March 1

    • June 1

    • September 1

    • November 1

  2. Note * Section 144 (2) Act 171 – Amendment notice should be submitted to the owners of not less than 30 days from the date of review. 

  3. Taxable Assessment Operation (KCT OPS) will also be imposed on property owners who made additional building.

Objection on Amendments to the Valuation List

  1. ​For owners who are affected by the amendments to the Valuation List, if not satisfied with the proposed Annual Value may protest as allotted under Section 142.

  2. Reasons of objection are as follow:-

    • ​That to him/her an ownership that can be charged with a rate is valued more than the value that can be charged with a rate.

    • That an ownership that is being valued is an ownership that cannot be charged with a rate.

    • That a person or an ownership that is supposed to be included in that Valuation List is disregarded.

    • That an ownership is valued lesser than its value that can be charged with a rate; or

    • That an ownership or valued ownerships which have been valued together or separately that should be evaluated differently.​

  3. Objection must be tabled in written form and should be submitted to the Council ten (10) days prior to the review of the Valuation List. 

  4. For those who table the objections, the Council must hear and decide on the objection.

  5. The proposed dates of the objections in the year 2014 are as follow: -

    • ​​​March 21, 2014

    • May 6, 2014.

    • August 6, 2014.

    • October 6, 2014.​


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