​1.​Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171) ​
​2.​of the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133) 
​3.​Town and Rural Planning Act 1976 (Act 172) 
​4.of the Food Act 1983 (Act 281) 
​5.​​of the Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333)
​6.​Stratified Titles Act 1985 (Act 318) 
​7.​Stratified Management Act 2013 (Act 757) ​
​8.​Destruction Act 1975 (Act 154)


Enactment is a law enacted by the State and it is applicable in the country only; ​

1.​​​​Entertainment And Fun Places Act 1995 
2.Controlling Cattle 1971


By-Law is a law made under the jurisdiction of local authorities. The local authority may from time to time create, amend or revoke the by-laws in accordance with the interest of the administrative area of the local authority;​

​1.​​Selangor Uniform Building Labour Law 1986; ​​​​
​2.​Provisions Regarding Collective License Labour Law (MBSA) 1992; 
​3.​Road Works Labour Law 1996;
​4.​Labour Law (MBSA Compounding Offences) Street, Drainage and Building Act 2005; 
​5.​​Private Car Parks (MBSA) 2005;
​6.​​Muslim cemetery Labour Law (MBSA)2005;
​7.​​Public Toilets Labour Law (MBSA) 2005; 
​8.Vandalism Labour Law (MBSA) 2005; 
​9.​Labour Law (Compounding Offences MBSA) Local Government, 2005; 
​10.​Park Labour Law (MBSA) 2005; 
​11.​Cyber Cafe And Cyber Centre Labour Law (MBSA) 2007; 
​12.​Crematorium Labour Law (MBSA) 2007; ​
​13.​Market Labour Law (MBSA) 2007; 
​14.​Advertising Law (MBSA) 2007; 
​15.​Election Advertisement Law (MBSA) 2007; 
​16.​​​​Hawker Labour Law (MBSA) 2007; ​​
​17.​Labour Law Licensing- Dogs And Dog Breeding House (MBSA) 2007; 
​18.​Food Establishment Licensing Law (MBSA) 2007; 
19.Collection, Removal and Disposal of Waste Materials Labour Law (MBSA) 2007; ​
​20.​Trade, Commerce and Industry Licensing Labour Law (MBSA) 2007; 
​21.Law of the Land (MBSA) 2007; ​
​22.​Food Handling Law (MBSA) 2007; 
​23.​Swimming Pool Labour Law (MBSA) 2013; 
​24.​Beauty Centre and Health Care Labour Law (MBSA) 2013; 
​25.​Hotel Labour Law (MBSA) 2013;
​26.​Private Sports Centre Labour Law (MBSA) 2013. 
​27.​​​Swiftlet Farming nest Labour Law (MBSA) 2013​


Method is a breakdown of law enacted by the powers provided by the principal act; ​

​​1.​​ Hearse Method (MPSA), 1987; 
​​2. ​Employees (Conduct and Discipline) MPSA, 1995. ​


​​1.​​ Standing Orders (Conference) (MBSA), 2007; ​
​​2. ​The Road Transport (Provision of Parking Places) MBSA 2007;​


It is compiled for law detailing the principle adopted by the Selangor Enactment of Entertainment and Fun Places 1995; 

​​1.​​ Regulations of Entertainment and Fun Places (Selangor), 1996; 
2. Regulations of Entertainment and Fun Places (Snooker and Video Games) (Supervisory Control) (Selangor), 1996.