The recycling campaign competition is divided into three categories: 
  1. School 

  2. RRC 

  3. Wisma MBSA

The recycling campaign is an activity carried out by the Council in collaboration with the F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd, with the cooperation of the Selangor Education Department. This programme has been implemented since 2007. The recycling campaign is a programme that is much awaited by the schools due to the lucrative prizes.

Moreover, indirectly this campaign will be able to inculcate awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and recycling among students. Students are deemed to be groups of individuals who readily accept input and are likely to positively apply the input. It is hoped that with the campaign starting at school level, they will practise recycling into adulthood.

Conditions Of Participation

  1. The materials accepted for the recycling campaign are aluminium, plastic and paper. Other materials such as metal or glass are also accepted but will not be counted as part of the recyclables for the purposes of the competition. 

  2. The competition is only open to the school, RRC and Wisma MBSA levels. ​

  3. Participation is open to all schools under the jurisdiction of MBSA, Shah Alam Resident Representative Councils, and Departments in Wisma MBSA and tenants in the MBSA building except the Cleaning Contractors. 

  4. Each school, department / company should cooperate with the secretariat of the Department of Urban Services, MBSA to set the schedules for collection and weighing of the recyclable materials. 

  5. Only the appointed contractor is allowed to make the collection and weigh the recyclables. 

  6. To coordinate schedule and weighing of collections consistently, every school, department/company should contact the appointed contractor directly. 

  7. Duration of the competition is three months. 

  8. Winners of the contest are based on the heaviest collections of recyclable materials and for schools it is  based on the number of pupils. 

  9. The campaign lasts for three (3) months. ​

  10. The Organizer will contact the winners by mail/phone.

  11. A prize presentation ceremony will be held at the end of the year. 

  12. The completed entry form must be sent to the following address: 

             The Secretariat,
             Recycling campaign MBSA 2013,
             City Services Department, 4th floor,
             Shah Alam City Council
             Wisma MBSA, Persiaran Perbandaran,
             40000 Shah Alam.
             Fax: 55127014
  13. Entries received after the deadline will not be considered valid. 

  14. The organizer reserves the right to change the terms of campaign participation at any time and the organizer's decision is final.​



Mr. Mohd Azmi bin Amer Khan Pegawai Kawalan Alam Sekitar 012-6923942
Mdm. Rohaizat binti Mohd Noordin Pen. Peg. Kes. Persekitaran Kanan 012-6463897
Mdm. Ilan Tamil a/p Rama​samy Pen. Peg. Kes. Persekitaran 016-2470558

2.  F&N Beverages Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd
Mr. Rizal Abdul Pegawai Perhubungan Awam Korporat 012-2585445​
​Konsortium Seri Alam ​ ​ ​Tuan Hj. Zainal Arshad
​H/p: 019-3211616​
Office: 03-55230467​
​(Recycle turn to cash. Curbside recycling)
​Close Loop Sdn Bhd (Recycle & Reward) ​ ​ ​Mr. Asmadi
​H/p: 012-2256657
​(Recycle turn to point for redeem in term of voucher etc. Collect from door to door)
​​ Asis Shoppe ​ ​ ​Mdm. Nurdiana Idris​
​Hp: 019-2105884
​(Recycle turn to cash. Curbside recycling)
​​Omadi Enterprise ​ ​ ​Mdm. Zam
​H/p: 019-2199912
​(Recycle turn to cash. Curbside recycling)
​​Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar (PASS) ​ ​ ​Dato' Eadon Ching
​Hp: 012-621 9363 
Office: 03-90211888
​(Recycle for charity. Curbside recycling)
​​CGV Industries Sdn Bhd  ​ ​ ​Mr. Yong
​H/p: 012-3355966
Office: 03-51224399
​(Used cooking oil turn to cash. Collect from door to door)
​​Kris Biofuels Sdn Bhd ​ ​ ​Mr. Jaafar Abdullah
​H/p: 012-7239826
Office: 03-51224399
​(Used cooking oil turn to cash. Collect from door to door)
​​​Life Line Clothing Sdn Bhd ​ ​ ​Mr. Vinod
​H/p: 016-9005620
​(Recycle for charity. Used clothing. Bin point)