Official Logo


Official MBSA Logo

Basic Elements Design

The basic elements of the design consist of lines, shapes, forms, colors, tones, spaces and textures.

Different motives resulting from the use of these elements are designed to produce creative works that have aesthetic value as well as serve to illustrate the corporate image of the Shah Alam City Council.​


  1.  Lines
    • The use of the element of line in the design of the logo Shah Alam City Council is more organic which shapes the contours on the colours, animals, flowers and weapons. The balance that is contrast to the geometric lines of the arabesque pattern impacts on the overall dynamics of the aesthetics of the design.

  2. Appearance
    • It is two-dimensional; exists in a horizontal space. The appearance is also abstract and each image contains figurative meanings. The looks on the motives that are embedded in the Shah Alam City Council new logo design are in accordance with the objectives and vision of Shah Alam. The visual elements in the design of this logo can also increase the life of the memory (memory retention) of the observer.

  3.  Colour
    • Elements of colour often associated with psychological aspects. Hot colours such as red and orange of a dynamic, authoritative or cheerful colour cool as temporary blue reflect a quiet and peaceful. In terms of the meaning of connotative blue reflect efficient and strictly but friendly.

    • White is often associated with the original manifestation of an existence before it is shaped by human or natural events. The white color can also be regarded as a condition that is original, clean or pure. Embedding the white colour in the MBSA corporate image can convey the nature of MBSA staff that practice ethical service that emphasizes on the spiritual values that are clean, pure and honest. Overall, the combination of white and blue colours clearly portrays a clean, efficient and trustworthy image.



    The official colors of the State of Selangor.




    Giving natural, pure and sacred conditions, symbolizes the basic work culture adopted by Shah Alam City Council employees, which stresses the ethics of service and spiritual values that are clean, pure and honest.



    Giving a quiet and peaceful work environment surrounding the Shah Alam City Council, which resulted in giving service that is efficient, accurate and friendly.​

  4. Moon & Stars

    • Represents Islam as the official religion and the sovereignty of the king and the country.       

    • Five-pointed stars mean the five pillars that guide the movement of human as the Caliph of Allah on earth.

    • Selection of yellow and red color in line with the Selangor State government official colours.

  5. Tigers With Spears

    • Tiger symbolizes the roles and functions of the Shah Alam City Council as enforcement agency and authority in control so that the city development can be carried out as planned. This is supported by the use of spears to reinforce the point above.

  6.  Deer With Spears 

    • Deer is an animal that is often associated with myth in Malay realm. It symbolizes the loyalty to King and Country. Spear guns also can mean the readiness to defend the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers to uphold the constitution of the State. Both animals are also a continuation of the original logo.

  7.   Orchid Flower

    • The official flower of Shah Alam. The selection of orchid flowers is also in line with the development concept of the Shah Alam City as 'Garden City'.

  8.   Arabesque Geometric Patterns

    • Symbolizes six main goals that become the core of the development of the Shah Alam City:

      • ​​Developing as an affordable integration and affordable capability into new millennium, advanced and complete with a balanced facility.

      • To become the administrative centre and the state capital that is superior with efficient and sustainable service.

      • Designing and developing Shah Alam city regularly and controlled.

      • Providing economic opportunities in achieving Vision 2020.

      • Inculcation of Islamic values in creating an environment of civil society, the balance of the physical and spiritual.

      • Creating an atmosphere of interaction between people from different socio-economic levels.

The Structure Design

       Grid System 

    • The important basic structure in creating a logo design. Here, the horizontal and vertical grid square used as a guide in which the rules of design elements such as line, shape and tipografi are composed.
    • The use of rectangular grid system in the formation of a new logo Shah Alam City Council may produce the effect of balanced and harmonized appreciation.​