Valuations & Property Management Department


Functions Of The Department

  1. Assessment - Assessing annual value for the purpose of assessment tax, development and contributions charges, helping to rate all property rate within Council area.

  2. Providing Council premise valuation for purpose of fire insurance.

  3. Providing Council property rental rate. 

  4. Owned Management of property owned by the Council.

  5. General Administration and Department Finance.​

     Functions Of The Evaluation Division

    1. Responsible in ensuring that the proportional principals are valued and included in the Valuation List, based on the period required under the Local Government Act 1976.

    2. Ensuring the Re-evaluation is conducted every 5 years (subject to the approval of the State Government).

    3. Ensuring the amendments to the Valuation List is conducted twice a year (4 times Notice of Amendment).

    4. Conducting Hearing Committee Meeting for Annual Value Objection 4 times a year.

    5. Determining the value of land for the purpose of Development Charge. 

    6. Providing the Rate Helping Donation List.​ ​

     Function of Asset Management Division

    1. Managing commercial property rental owned by the Council and institutional property under the supervision of the Council.

    2. Providing and managing maintenance of staff quarters.

    3. ​Managing reservations and maintenance of rest houses.​

    4. ​Maintaining the movable assets placed in the rest houses.

    5. ​Proposing and managing the purchase of property for the purposes of the rest houses.

    6. Reporting Council proceeds on a monthly basis at the Annual Meeting of the Finance Committee and the Committee of Tax and Revenue.

    7. ​Making inspection periodically over land and properties owned by the Council to ensure they are in good condition.

    8. Printing and circulating bills to the tenants’ of properties owned by the Council.​

    9. Issuing notice to the tenants who have rent arrears and invited to attend the Meeting of Tax and Revenue Committee.​

    10. Making collection of rents from the tenants of the council properties.​

Client's Charter​

  1. Ensure that the amendment to the valuation list is carried out twice a year (4 times the notice of Amendment) as required under the local Government Act 1976.

  2. ​Update the application for change of mailing address owners holding received at the Department immediately.

  3. Produce the result of hearing of objections (cases of Amendment) within 4 weeks of the date of hearing of objections held.

  4. Issue a letter of confirmation of Unused Property Value within 14 days (according to the cases) from the date of receipt at the Department subject to the complete application.

  5. Responsible for the preparation of monthly rental arrears reports monthly for all Council properties which are rented out for meetings of the Finance Committee.

  6. Processing search application information received at the Department immediately.

  7. Update the change of ownership via form I/h received in a Department within 1 days subject to information. ​