Entertainment Permit



Entertainment Permit application covers the application for expos / fairs, stage shows and motion picture display.

How To Apply

  1. The forms are available at the Main Counter level G, Licensing Department on the 13th floor, Sungai Buloh Branch Office, Kota Kemuning Branch Office and Branch Office at Setia Alam. 
  2. The  completed forms must be submitted with one (1) copy of each document required 

  3. The duly completed Promotion Permit Application Form must be deposited at the counter of Licensing Department on the 13th floor or in the Main Counter level G. 


  1. Submit the approval of the Police with the application form. 

  2. Submit a letter of approval / rental offer of the landlord / entertainment venue / building. 

  3. If there are  foreign artistes performance involved, submit  an approval letter from PUSPAL Committee of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage Malaysia 

  4. Provide copy of the committee members involved.

  5. Provide a copy of the program. 

  6. Provide a copy of the list of artists or participants. 

  7. Provide a copy of the synopsis (song / drama / theatre) in the form of compact discs or script. 

  8. If there are game machines, provide copies of the games. 

  9. Get approval from the Department of Health and Safety (DOSH) for machines on site entertainment (e.g. for funfair activities). ​

Terms and Conditions

  1. Always keep the area clean and ensure that there are adequate trash bins. 

  2. The licensee must ensure that entertainment held does not cause traffic congestion. 

  3. Gambling is prohibited. .

  4. Selling, serving and drinking of non- halal food and drinks are totally prohibited at the entertainment premise. 

  5. Drugs are also totally prohibited at the entertainment premise. 

  6. Not allowed to bring and carry out what - what activities involving drug abuse. 

  7. No obscene or violent entertainment is allowed. 

  8. The host is fully responsible for all accidents, if any, that may occur on site entertainment / party. 

  9. Applicants are subject to Entertainment and Selangor Entertainment Spots Enactment and Law (1995).

  10. The Licensing Officer reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any time at all.

  11. Entertainment can only be carried out at the place and time specified by the applicant in the license not later than 1.00 am.​

Payout Period

Fees for the permit must be paid before the activity is carried out upon obtaining the approval letter. 

The Rate

  1. The fee for the entertainment license

  2. Fees for entertainment activities

Details of Goods And ServicesTotal​GSTTotal
Payment Application ProcessRM 100.​00​SR​6​RM 106.00
Selling Number Plates​RM 7.00SR​​6​RM 7.42
Nota : SR - Standard rated supplies with GST Charged​​​


Flowchart for Entertainment Permit Application  Download

Act / Enactment / By-Laws (Labour Law.) 

  1. Entertainment And Selangor Entertainment Spots  Enactment (1995) 

  2. Entertainment And Selangor Entertainment Spots  Enactment (1996) 

  3. Entertainment And Entertainment Spots Regulations (Games Snooker and Video) (monitoring and Supervision) (Selangor) 1996.​    

Method Of Payment 

Location Method

  1. Main Counter
    Lift A, Level G, Wisma MBSA​
  2. A Licensing
    Lift A, 13th Floor, Wisma MBSA
  1. Cash
  2. Credit Card
  3. Cheque
  4. Payment by cheque made payable to:
    • MAJLIS BANDARAYA SHAH ALAM for the bill payment process
    • MBSA – AKAUN CAGARAN for payment security


Composite Unit,
Licensing Departmnet,
Lift A, 13th floor, Wisma MBSA, Persiaran Perbandaran,
Section 14, 40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

No. phone: 03-5510 5133 ext. 1303/1396/1366/1549/1317
No. fax: 03-551 2 0226
Email: lesen@mbsa.gov.my